Ordering Your Repeat Prescription

If you are being treated for a long term problem, you may be put onto medicine for several months, or even years at a time. This is called a repeat prescription.

Repeat prescriptions are usually provided for 2 months at a time, and over the coming months we will be changing everyone who is currently on monthly prescriptions, to the two monthly issues. This is as a result of consultations with patients who have asked for 2 monthly prescriptions, since it means visiting the surgery less often, and is half the price of the monthly prescriptions, for anyone who pays for their prescriptions. If you would like us to look at your medicines and move them to a two monthly supply, please ask at reception and we will be happy to do this for you.

From time to time, it’s really important that these repeat prescriptions are reviewed to ensure that the medicines are working well and doing what they should, are not causing any problems, and haven’t been superseded by newer, more powerful medicines. This review process is usually undertaken by one of the doctors, or one of the senior nurses. You may be asked to book an appointment to see a doctor or nurse, you may be asked to book an appointment for a blood test, or, if we have all the monitoring information needed to reauthorize your medicines, we may simply renew the prescription.

We try to review prescriptions at least on an annual basis, and occasionally, may review things every 6 months.

If you need to order a repeat prescription from your medicines, please:

  • Hand in your repeat prescription slip at the surgery or chemist – this is by far the best option, since the slip contains your details, a unique prescription number, and a detailed list of your current medications.
  • Fill in a handwritten request slip, available in reception – this isn’t as good, since often you may not know the exact name, dose, or quantity of the medicine, and errors can creep in. if you need a new printed repeat slip, please ask at reception.
  • Please call into reception to register and collect your log in details.

We also have a fax facility, whereby you can fax your request, the Fax number is 01789 766574
We do not accept prescription requests on the reception number, since the receptionist may be busy helping someone else, and the opportunity for error is too large.

Also please note that we need time to turn around your request, 48 working hours, except for Bank Holidays.

Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

Repeat prescriptions can now be ordered online via the link below

To use this service you need to first register and obtain a unique login code.  Please ask at reception if you would like to use this service.


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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Bidford Landscapes